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PSOE: "The PP municipal debt continues to rise" (27/09/2013)

In the last full regular held on Wednesday September 25, 2013, all moratalleras moratalleros and we saw how the PP government is developing a financial policy that could describe at least reckless, and whose projection has its days numbered.

In this final plenary of the PP government itself does little more than two years left in national and international channels of television advertising the bad financial situation of the municipality, is now dedicated to further increase the same level of public debt as aireadamente and disproportionately used as a weapon in political terms.

Yes, it is.

In the latter city, the PP's absolute majority approved to increase the level of municipal debt by about another 2.5 million more at the cost of several concepts that break down:

First, has approved another provider payment plan in an amount of about 740,000 euros, which meant going away from local suppliers in most cases, is to meet with Iberdrola supported debt.

Not that we are against settlement of outstanding debts, no.

The issue is quite different:

Last year, this same government has already approved an initial plan payments to suppliers with a value of 5 billion euros at an 5.97% interest, with two-year grace period capital (during the first two years only pay interest) , and from 2014 will begin to add to the expense of it the amount belonging to the corresponding principal amortization.

In those time, all local groups fit this mechanism believed to be a financial tool that covered some exceptional illiquidity, and would allow a variety of local providers collect their overdue bills, and can also become an element if no pulse yeah keeping the local economy to resolve the insolvency of many small and medium businesses and trades council regular suppliers.

But what we can not do is convert an exceptional financial instrument commonplace, and especially when it involves a continuous worsening of borrowing from an institution that already has many poblemas to meet the payment of current expenses that these debts arise, situation is going through this council to be, from October 1, the amount of 5 monthly to their workers, and all as we repeat, without going to systematically amortize the portion of principal of this first payment plan suppliers.

Well, now the PP again approve another plan providers (without the support of the opposition), for another 740,000 euros to 4.5% interest (above market), again with capital grace period, and is a new addition not only to the total amount of debt, but also the financial costs to be faced that month.

Second, make changes to budgetary credit that they call "virtual money", and also could be called "financial engineering budget."

Anyone who has closely followed the international financial crisis bank, you put the hairs to hear words like this, and it's no wonder ...

Specifically, they have made a change in budget allocation to swap an amount of money: 300,000 euros, of a budget on the future earnings of the industrial urban use (when it is completed and sold the plots), spending another to finish.

According to them due to the corrections and administrative costs of the initial planning of it.

But we'll see.

If even the mayor himself has already acknowledged publicly that the end of the industrial estate is foreclosure hanging over him by the principal financial creditor thereof (Cajamurcia), meaning that it will finally be the financial institution because Promoratalla SA (public company that manages and owns in legal terms) will not be able to meet the payment of the various loans that have been funded, how these arguments seek to sell the plots that remain?

Who will come to compare industrial plots under these conditions?

(Now also explain this situation to those forward money to the City on account of their future plots ...).

And if that is so, how do you want to get 300,000 euros on account of future income from the urban use of them?

In short, the credit budget amendment that passed in the latter city, is another hole to add to the ailing financial situation of the municipality, or at least "questionable revenue realization", which should not treat you budget and financial are given in order to fulfill the principle of all accounting: reflecting the true image of the entity, in this case the City.

Thirdly, have requested another loan to the Ministry of Finance of the Central Government of Spain, 1.500.000 euros, under the urgent action mechanism delinquencies government support for local authorities and financial problems.

That is, his minister Montoro allows indebted again to request an advance from participation in State taxes to be transferred to the City of Moratalla 2014 to account for such costs, and will have to be repaid monthly for a maximum period of three years from the start of the grant.

But let's see: if you can not handle the current running costs, ie they have to pay every month, when all we have related this reaches its refund time, do we want to explain how they will return?

But nobody believes that this advance is not interested, of course you do: "They are to accrue to the State the type of legal interest ... Such interest shall be paid annually."

Words, and said in a more simple, do not have enough to owe more and more banks, now it makes Rajoy government also bank with municipalities.

What a way to help ...

But is that even in "the aid" of the Government of Rajoy's "fishy".

Imposes a number of conditions to be met that will limit the political and economic performance of corporations come (whatever color they are), they will greatly strengthen the next action that municipal governments could qualify as a "real intervention economic masked in the debt trap. "

From this we know much in Greece ...

Moratalleras moratalleros and when a local government as the current builds up in "pull the debt" to solve short-term problems without thinking about the medium and long, is condemning this institution to an obstacle course where the fences increasingly to get bigger jump, and eventually increases the risk of tripping and falling, with the fall fatality cause irreparable damage to prevent finish the race.

This was what He argued at the beginning of the legislature the same PP mayor now followed this council incurring further debts.

We remind everyone that said "get help or city hall, or might have to close the doors."

For PP mayor Moratalla what is what are you doing now?

Because far from saving, as is argued, gives the impression that the only thing that matters is trying to save the situation in the remaining months as mayor, and then "God says", or put another way, "the come back to the fend ".

Of course, the problem here is not who stays and who will come.

As you say now (seems no longer asks Valcárcel or it does not give ...), is that we are all citizens of this county, who sooner or later will have to deal with these loans is now so is again happily signing to cover the remaining months as political representative (known is his intention not to repeat electorally against PP), and rather have increased taxes and make us all their previous pagan idylls urban and waste associated , or "well used" council staff increase, again to withstand increases in municipal taxes in future periods from the worst economic crisis since the crash of 1929, again making future payers account existing firms of a loan after another.

Mr. Mayor? Do you do with your personal finances and family?

Because this council is abocando their intervention by the Ministry of Finance in the not too distant future, or at least, to harsh austerity measures to avoid such intervention, not only to conform to new tax increases on the ups and efecutadas, aprentando rope beaten back to the families of this county.

Surely there will be many more pagans, because by all today is assumed that this situation is not saved on the basis of continuing tax increases, even for yourself.

So the question is: how close is the cliff?

Because everybody knows that the later are taken corrective measures need this council to redirect the path that you printed from the year 2000, "year of grace" in which you joined "the party of the housing bubble" , (and not by grace, but by grace of the censure motion PP-IU), more terrible will be your cure.

Although good, maybe you matters most to you right now is to not get caught inside the boat when it starts sinking, so I based deferred loans.

Of course, the problem is that the hole in the hull is open and is increasing, and as time passes it is harder to drain the water.

It's what they usually do "good masters" instead of redigir course to not crash into the iceberg (remember that caracetizan by having a larger invisible under water), wait for the relay and others do.

Standards of "good government" ...

The question is whether we will be on time then what will be the cost.

Source: PSOE Moratalla

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